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A History of Downey, Idaho

          Located in Bannock County’s historic and scenic Marsh Valley, Downey was surveyed as a townsite in 1894 and incorporated in 1912. However, the permanent settlement of the area near Downey dates back to 1864 when several families from Utah moved to Idaho Territory and established cattle ranches along the lush meadows adjoining Marsh Creek. The stately and picturesque Oxford Peak and historic Red Rock Pass geological site (outlet of ancient Lake Bonneville) are located a few miles south of town. The Oregon trail’s Hudspeth Cutoff crossed Marsh Valley a few miles north of Downey. When the Fort Hall Indian Reservation was established in 1868 for the native Shoshone and Bannock tribes, all of Marsh Valley was included within the reservation boundaries. Over twenty years later an Act of Congress detached the Downey area from the reservation.

          Important freighting routes and “Idaho’s Gold Road” of the 1860s-1870s passed through Marsh Valley; the routes stretched from Utah towns and cities to the raucous gold camps of Idaho and Montana. Several harrowing and murderous stagecoach holdups took place in the valley during that era. In 1878 construction of the Utah and Northern Railroad (later Oregon Short Line (O.S.L.)/Union Pacific) was completed through Marsh Valley. Fueling Downey’s growth and development after 1900, the Carey Land Act and the Portneuf-Marsh Valley Irrigation Company canal from Chesterfield Reservoir opened up thousands of acres of farm land for homesteading. Downey’s development was initially financed by the Kidder Peabody Investment Company of Boston. During the Great Depression of the 1930s a Civilian Conservation Corps camp was located in town, and during World War II a Conscientious Objectors’ camp was established to house the religious objectors from mid-western states.

          Downey hosts the annual Bannock County Fair in August, and Downata Hot Springs resort operates year-round a few miles south of town. Through the years Downey has produced and/or mentored a significant number of successful and prominent cattlemen, farmers, businessmen, government officials, and educators.

    • Volume 1 contains a detailed and documented chronolgy (over 560 pages) of historical evetns related to Downey and nearby communities, 1860s-1910s:
      Franklin, Preston, Oxford, Swan Lake, Downata Hot Springs, Calvin/Zenda, Grant, Cambridge, Woodland, Marsh Center, Virginia, Arimo, McCammon, Lava Hot Springs, Inkom, and Malad and Oneida, Bingham and Bannock counties. After 1894, the chronology focuses primarily on Downey’s historical events up to 2015.
    • Volume 2 contains over 1,000 individual and family histories (with photographs) of both past and present area residents.
    • Volume 3 includes over 500 pages of histories of community organizations, social groups and clubs, businesses, and religious congregations, along with numerous photographs.

Summary credit: Jay Burrup (a special thank you!)

Price $60.00 plus $15.00 shipping fee for each 3-volume set (sold only in sets)
Please make payments to “City of Downey” and send order to:
City of Downey
P.O. Box 204
Downey, ID 83234-0204

Downey City office phone: (208) 897-5342

Please include your complete name, address, telephone number, and email address.
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2014 Water Report

Bannock County Fair South news – February 11, 2015: 

BANNOCK COUNTY FAIR SOUTH NOTICE – Decision has been ratified!


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