City of Downey
    P.O. Box 204
    15 South Main Street
    Downey, ID 83234-0204
    Office: (208) 897-5342
    Fax: (208) 897-5677


Title Duties Name Contact
Clerk City office duties Brenda Kay Click to Email
Deputy Clerk City office duties Rand Greaves Click to Email
Mayor City Owned Property
Gun Range
Personnel Officer
RC&D Meetings
SICOG Representative
Dennis Phillips Click to Email
City Maintenance City Maintenance Tony Hancock Click to Email
Councilman Council President
Council Representative over Water project
Clarence Wilson Coming soon
Councilman Cable TV
Council Representative over South Bannock County Fair
Council Representative for Tree Committee
Rex Nielsen Coming soon
Councilman Airport
Roads & Road Equipment
Grant Johnson Coming soon
Councilman Animal Control
Council Representative for Gem Committee & Chamber of Commerce
Council Representative for Senior Center
Parks & Restrooms
Gary Barnes Coming soon
Webmaster Build/Maintain website Randy Greaves Click to Email